• News Release: 5/29/2019

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    May 29, 2019
    How Health Risk Assessments can reduce health care costs? 

    Columbus, Ohio—[May 20, 2019]—Employers looking to better understand the health concerns of employees might consider using an employee health risk assessment. 
    The HRAs are voluntary surveys that ask employees to self-identify if they have any serious health issues.  These assessments benefit both the employees and the employers by providing feedback on helping workers maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce lost productivity and absenteeism.  The information collected is used in aggregate to determine if there are trends in health concerns among employees.

    TAH Benefits, a local health insurance agency, supports the ongoing use of employee health assessments and considers keeping employees’ information private the top issue.

    “Assuring people of the confidentiality of the information is the most challenging part,” Jay Hazelbaker, CEO of TAH Benefits, said. “People are concerned about security of the information and having it out in another format tends to make people uneasy.”

    Human resource departments typically oversee the implementation of HRAs through health insurers and track the information.  Recent changes to the federal guidelines for wellness programs and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act mean that employers must be careful about how they collect and use employee health information.

    “The employer being counseled correctly on how to use the information is so important,” Hazelbaker said. “You want to show employees how to participate in the process and explain what you’re collecting from them.”

    TAH Benefits adheres to the Department of Labor guidelines and recommends employers periodically check the standards on what information can be collected.

    “We have resources for employers and HR staff,” Hazelbaker said. “It helps keep them compliant with the laws.”

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