• Mission/Vision

  • Mission: To enhance the business climate and quality of life in our community

    Vision: Be a driving force that builds economic strength, diverse businesses, and a strong community 

    Statement on social injustices in our community: The Westerville Area Chamber is driven by our mission and uphold our values through our daily efforts of: Advocate, Inspiration, Collaboration, Inclusion and Innovate and Tradition. 

    With recent events around the country, it propels us into action and reminds us of the importance of our values and specifically the values of  Advocate and Inclusion. We believe in supporting and promoting all the employees and businesses equally.  Our business community does not tolerate violence and harassment toward others.  We strive for diversity among the leadership of the Chamber to broaden our thoughts and perspectives in representing the business community.   The WACC will use its role as a convener along with the collective power of the businesses to keep the lines of communication open, encourage participation to drive economic prosperity and to demand more from ourselves and our nation. 

    We commit to working with our community partners to assure we have systemic change throughout our society. We ask greater Westerville businesses and employees to ensure that everyone’s rights are respected- no matter their race, ethnicity or national origin.   We encourage thoughtful reflection and cooperation on a more equitable future for greater Westerville.  It requires us to engage in conversations about race and speaking up when we see injustices. 

    We are a community of caring and friendly people.  We have been and we can continue to be a united TEAM where Together Everyone Accomplishes More in our efforts to draw on our rich, strong heritage advocating for meaningful and lasting  systemic change.


    Additional Chamber Information: Chamber Constitution