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    AccuNet 10 Point IT Network Check Up
    If your computers don't work, neither do you!
    AccuNet's 10 Point Network Reliability Check Up is the easiest way to improve the integrity of your Network.

    Some of the benefits include:

    -Objective independent review of your network

    -Potential security vulnerabilities

    -Actionable steps towards securing your network

    -Roadmap for future changes

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    1. Documentation of Current Systems

    Do you know what Front and BackOffice applications you have? When was the last time they were updated? Schedule Today

    2. Security & Patch Management

    How secure are your server and desktops? Have you been staying up to date with the latest security patches? Schedule Today

    3. Valid/Tested Backup

    Do you have a working Backup & Disaster Recovery solution? How often do you perform an actual restore from your backup media? Schedule Today

    4. Current Protected Business Data

    Can you control who accesses your network and whether your data is fully safe from intrusion? Schedule Today

    5. Overall Server Health

    Do you perform routine preventative maintenance on your current server? Would you know if key processes failed on your servers? Schedule Today

    6. Current and Managed Antivirus System

    Is your current Antivirus solution keeping your system safe? Do you know how to handle a virus attack or who to turn to in such emergencies? Schedule Today

    7. Spyware/Malware/SPAM

    Do you feel that SPAM is an issue within your organization? What % of mail would you consider SPAM? Do you know how much Spyware/Malware is on your computers right now? Schedule Today

    8. Disaster Recovery Procedures

    What would you do if your network is interrupted by Wind, Water, or Fire? Do you have a Business Continuity Plan in place? Will your company continue to function or will business come to a halt? Schedule Today

    9. Remote User Management

    Do you currently have remote access to Network applications? Schedule Today

    10. Consistent Network Maintenance

    Do you have on-call, help desk support when an issue arises? Schedule Today

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