• Medical Records Assistant - Part-time

    Posted: 03/15/2023

    Ohio Sleep Treatment 

    Full Job Description
    Studies estimate nearly 25 million US adults suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a serious chronic disease impacting the lives of our loved ones, the community, and the greater economy. If you are looking for a career with purpose, a company that supports work-life balance, and an encouraging team that challenges you to grow and deliver, then you found the right job posting!

    Ohio Sleep Treatment is a Columbus-based dental sleep medicine practice looking for a detail-oriented, medical records expert who is passionate about driving patient care forward as you cross each “t” and dot each “i”. Our patients are counting on you to ensure their records are in order to achieve successful pre-authorization, claims submission, and reimbursement so their life-saving therapy is covered by medical insurance.

    1. Do you want to truly make a difference in the lives of the patients you serve?
    2. Would you be filled with pride knowing your work is positively impacting individuals, relationships, and your community?

    If the answer is yes, we would love to hear from you. Ideally, we would love to have you in the office and encourage that. We are open to remote work, however, for the right candidate.  Let’s see if the position is right for you.

    Job Description Summary:
    Performs a variety of functions related to processing incomplete medical records including but not limited to:

    • Request additional documentation from referring providers.
    • Follow up on those requests in a timely manner.
    • Submit records for prior authorization.
    • Communicate clearly and professionally with referring organizations
    • Collect medical records from referring providers.
    • Submit records for prior authorization.
    • Manage and track patient charts to collect necessary materials for insurance coverage.
    • Scan and organize paperwork that is completed in the office and not digitally.
    • Verify benefits through online portals and phone calls to insurance.

    You may also be asked to perform other duties as assigned by the manager, supervisor, or director, such as having fun at work, attending employee engagement committee meetings, celebrating your team members' birthdays, and rendering the occasional high-five, all the while accomplishing the day's tasks with enthusiasm and positivity.
    Our work environment is open and transparent. Each member of the team is required to contribute to weekly meetings. You are the master of your domain and you have important insights. Help us shape the best experience for you and for our patients.  Okay, keep reading!
    Compensation and Benefits:

    • $15-18 per hour depending on experience and awesomeness
    • Awesome culture, plenty of laughter and smiling
    • Upward mobility/management opportunities
    • Performance incentives
    • Paid training and travel when required (quarterly at most)
    • Paid day off for volunteering - Go make a difference!
    • Paid training and travel for work events

    Minimum Qualifications:

    • Associates Degree (preferred)
    • One year of experience in the medical industry
    • Attention to Detail

    Scheduled Weekly Hours :

    • 20 - 25 hours per week with the opportunity for 40 hours a week.

    Office Hours:

    • Monday: 8:30 a - 5:30 p
    • Tuesday: 8:30 a - 7:30 p
    • Wednesday: 8:30 a - 4:00 p
    • Thursday: 7:30 a - 5:30 p
    • Friday: 8:30 a - 1:30 p

    COVID-19 considerations:
    We adhere to the Delaware county health department guidelines