• 60-minute Reiki Session for Health & Wellness for $50

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    Reiki is the Science of Human Connection

    Learn to work within your biology to move from the Stress Response to the Relaxation Response.  Reiki works within the autonomic nervous system to soothe and calm. Intentional healing touch helps to carry the mind, body, and soul back to their original settings. It can be quantitatively measured as reduced heart rate, reduced blood pressure, improved immune function, and increased heart rate variability.

    What Happens During the Reiki Session

    5-10 minutes: We will first talk to determine the intention for your session. As a board-certified health & wellness coach, I can also help lifestyle behavioral changes so I bridge eastern and western medicine and bring together the best of both worlds. I help people move through all types of healing transformations through coaching added to the Reiki session.

    45 minutes: In a soothing and serene atmosphere, the session can be with/without music, with/without a heated table, and a comfy pillow. Reiki can be performed in a chair upon request.

    During the Reiki session, I rest my hands gently in specific hand positions for 3-5 minutes on the body and our autonomic nervous systems do what they were designed to do.   As you sink deeper into relaxation, your body can remember what it feels like without stress within.

    5 minutes: After the session, you will slowly emerge from your cozy cocoon. We can then discuss your experience and learn how to continue the Reiki effect throughout the days ahead.

    Humans are meant to co-regulate and that is what Reiki is all about. 

    We are meant to have a danger alarm system (Stress Response) for survival, but we are not meant to live in this state for long periods.  Constant stress causes biological changes damaging tissues and organs creating illness and disease in the body.

    Reiki improves the Relaxation Response within the body and with self-awareness, you can begin to shift to a healthier position leading to a more content and happier you. 

    Please call or text if you have any questions.  I will be happy to help you understand what Reiki is and how it can work for you.
    Text or call 419-606-9821 if you don't see a time that works with your schedule. 
    Do Wonders For Your Body & Soul

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